The AnaDx® brand was continued of Ana’s passion for beautiful objects and her love for jewelry. Born in HongKong, Ana spent her formative years on her native China. Her father, a jewelry taught her the significance of attention to detail, the beauty of everyday objects and the appreciation for colour and balance in life. She moved to London in 2007 with her family, studied Jewellery Design Central Saint Martins and inherited AnaDx® in May 2012.

“My inspiration for AnaDx collection comes from many sources, but mainly, my summer holidays on Central in HongKong. The prosperous modern city life influence my design concepts for each collection."

“I can start with a basic idea, or with my vision for our ideal client; a woman who is discerning, knows who she is, and what she wants. She wants contemporary, fresh design, one that mimics her modern dynamic style, while fitting into her ever so busy lifestyle.”

“We look at the current and past direction of trends in every sector — fashion, architecture, design, nature, really everything around us, and try to apply them to create a leisured and elegant fashion, in our pieces. Stylish jewellery suited for all-day, everyday wear, and most importantly, jewellery that can show a woman’s and men's individuality."
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