AnaDx® is the first jewelry seller with comprehensive categories over 10-years history. Its history is a story of love and exploring new things: of craftsmen and artisans who love what they do, of the love between father, daughter, and family, and of those seeking a way to express their feelings for the loves in their lives.

“Ana” means the one who love exploring novelty and absorbing new concepts.
“D” means Devoted.
“x” is Roman numerals, meaning utterly.

It all began over ten years ago, when Ana took the understanding and passion for jewelry she inherited from her father Clark, himself a skilled jewelry maker educated in Old Phoenix a 20-years earlier, and established his own company after his daughter's name Ana. Clark passed his love for his craft to his next generations and to every single artisan in the company, each of whom strives to craft the most brilliant and magnificent jewelry in the world.

Every person working at AnaDx® is committed to the integrity and quality of both the jewelry that they craft and the way in which they are sold. The company has long supported and given back to the communities hosting its operations across the world, and continues to do so to this day.

Together, Ana family guides AnaDx® on its journey, transforming it from a rough material into the world’s most brilliant symbol of love.

Now, AnaDx is headquartered in China with an office branch in Hong Kong. There are offline experience stores in many cities of China.

The information about AnaDx:

Contact Phone: +85256068154

Business Address:
AnaDx Collection
Hong Kong

Customer Service Center Address:
AnaDx 402 Room,Huayuan Villa No.18
Jinshazhou, BaiYun District Guangzhou
China 510080

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